Brand Story


It is here, in the heart of the 16ème arrondissement the chicest part of Paris, in the quiet street “Rue Pergolèse” where the adventure of Parfums Pergolèse Paris began, with an Eau de Parfum called Rue Pergolèse, of course !

Since its creation in 2010, Rue Pergolèse has conquered and seduced the whole world. Its success started initially in South America and Europe, in particular Eastern Europe, before spreading, over the years, all around the world.

Parfums Pergolèse Paris, is the essence of the French Art of Perfumery.

Parfums Pergolèse Paris fragrances capture the spirit of Paris in a chic bottle, simple and elegant.

It is luxury and lightness.

Paris, the “Ville Lumière” is the timeless inspiration for Artists, Designers, Creators, Craftsmen, Perfumers all over the world.

Everything started with Rue Pergolèse, this typically Parisian Perfume, chic and timeless.This sparkling fragrance an ode to Paris with its original fresh and refined notes was the impulse to extend the range of Rue Pergolèse perfumes.